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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire all kids to have fun developing a healthy, life-long talent and passion in any sport or physical activity, at any time...Anywhere in the world.

About Us

“Sport has so much to offer kids. But it’s predicated on them playing and continuing to play, and we lose 70 PERCENT of them by the age of 13… The No. 1 reason kids play sports is because it’s fun. If they drop out, it’s because it’s not fun anymore… So Fun is that central concept we need to know more about”

Amanda Visek, Department of Exercise Science at George Washington University 2014 Study on why young people abandon athletics- Journal of Physical Activity and Health

Childhood obesity rates have nearly tripled. The percentage of children ages 6-11 who are obese increased from 7 percent in 1980 to 18 percent in 2010; among children ages 12 to 19, that figure grew from 5 percent to 18 percent (Centers for Disease Control). One study found that among 17 developed nations, the U.S. had the highest rates of childhood obesity among those ages 5-19 (National Academy of Sciences, 2013).

And the final consequence of a lack of physical activity and sports for our youth…

Shorter lives

Today's children are likely to be the first generation to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents due to obesity and other related diseases.

We founded TopYa! to inspire kids to have fun with sports and physical activity to create habits that lead to active, healthy and longer lives.

To deliver on this mission, TopYa! has assembled a team of innovators who have Deep Youth Sports, Game, Education, Mobile App and Content Experience, and combined them with an Investor-Advisory board of top industry and capital experts to deliver the first:

Talent Optimization Platform from Youth to Adult (T.O.P.Y.A) to the market!