TopYa! has officially become part of ProMentor!

What began as an interesting new way for our sons’ soccer training has grown into a global mission and a high-tech platform!

We have put our hearts, minds and souls into building TopYa! and watching your accomplishments across the last decade has inspired us and brought that mission to life.

Something that big deserves a big announcement, which is why we broke the news in Times Square!

TopYa! And ProMentor share a unified mission to help athletes unlock and maximize their potential. Only, as a part of the far-reaching and robust ProMentor platform, we can expand our sports, tools and more!


What does this mean for me?

Our users always sat directly at the heart of the TopYa! mission, that will never change. Whether your an individual, family, school or club, our goal is to ensure a seamless and exciting transformation to ProMentor for you!

  • Still want to access great instructional videos?
  • Interested in learning more about how ProMentor can help your game?
  • Contact to chat with our new team and get set up on the new system. Be sure to let us know your TopYa username and which skill bundles you are most interested in.
  • ProMentor and TopYa! Have come together to create a future focused Coach Professional Development Training Platform building upon the solid foundation of Player Development and Mentorship the two companies have specialized in for years.
  • Want to learn more about how ProMentor can help your organization train and retain better coaches?
  • Contact our in-house experts to schedule a demo!

Celebrate the Joy of Accomplishment